General information

General information
GSBC AMOR stands for Groninger Student Badminton Club “Alles Met Ons Racket” (in English: “Everything With Our Racket”). We are the only student-badminton club in Groningen, and amongst the biggest badminton clubs in the Northern part of The Netherlands. On average, GSBC AMOR has 110 members each year, who are able to train twice a week: on the Tuesday-evening and Friday’s at the late afternoon/early evening.
The level at the club is as diverse as you can imagine: from the highest national league levels to the lower regional divisions, as well as of course purely recreational members. 4 of our current league teams are playing at a national level; the other 4 teams play at a regional level. Besides the league teams, AMORians can also participate in the vast range of badminton tournaments that are organised by other badminton clubs. GSBC AMOR has six different training-groups, varying in playing level, so that everyone can play and train at the level that he/she prefers.
Who is doing what at GSBC AMOR?
The board and a large number of committees manage the daily course of business at GSBC AMOR. The board comprises five positions: chairman, secretary, treasurer, technical member, and external relations. You can find the current board members under the heading “About AMOR” > “Board”.  Just like many other student-associations and student-clubs GSBC AMOR also has many committees, which can be found under the heading “About AMOR” > “Committees”.  The committees are the perfect opportunity for members to contribute to and support the club in a fun and sociable way. Besides the board and the large number of committees, there is also the Stichting Amor-Tournament, which is engaged in organising two large badminton tournaments.
Events and activities
What is a student-club without events and activities? Also at GSBC AMOR there is no shortage of fun and sociability, and that’s why year-round we organise events that are the perfect occasion to remain connected with GSBC AMOR outside the sports-centre as well.
Every first Wednesday we host our monthly socials at our favourite pub Café Tante Truus, and our Promotion committee organises and develops the themes/activities of these socials. Additionally, multiple dinners will be organised during the year, including the Dies-dinner, Christmas-dinner, and the end-of-season-dinner. Other activities are game-nights, our Training camp to start the season in shape, and the Schierweekend, where we spend an extended weekend together with as many members of the club as possible. For all our active members the board organises the Active Members Day at the end of the season.
Besides all these less badminton-related events and activities, every year the Stichting Amor-Toernooi organises two large badminton tournaments. The BOOT-tournament takes place at the beginning of September to start the season sportive and sociable. The AMOR-tournament takes place in February, and since this season it is part of the Master-circuit, which means that it is among the most important and biggest badminton tournaments of The Netherlands and it will bring many national top-players to Groningen.
More info?
Did you become (more) interested in GSBC AMOR and do you want some more information about the club? Then please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact one of the board members. The contact information of the board members can be found under the heading “About AMOR” > “Board”. Information about becoming a member of our club can be found under the heading “Membership” > “Becoming a member”.