Sjots committee

The Sjots is the club magazine of GSBC AMOR. The editors of the Sjots do their best to collect the best stories. Each edition of the Sjots is full of AMOR-news, reports from matches and tournaments, interviews and stories told by members. Every Sjots also contains the funniest messages that members have sent to the famous Sjotsfoon.


De sjots committee consists of:


Chief editor:
Bram Smit
General member:
Thijs Slaman
General member:
Mikal Huizenga
General member: Joris Kunst
General member: Tanja van de Water
General member: Corien Snaathorst
General member: Gijs Hoekstra
General member: Youp van Ligten
On behalf of the board:
Klaas Arjen Bootsma