Promotion committee

The most important job of the promotion committee is to recruit and retain members. The promo committee is in charge of the monthly drink and parties of AMOR. Every party and most of the drinks have a theme.
Besides taking care of drinks and parties, the promotion committee promotes AMOR at de Sports Information Market during the Kei-week to recruit new members. And not to forget, AMOR is also present during the ‘ESN meets ACLO’ for international students.
So would you like to organize a fun party and do you want to take the monthly drinks to a higher level than they already are, then maybe the promotion committee is the committee you want to participate in! 


The promotion committee consists of the following people:


Bianca Oosterhaven
Jasper van den Sigtenhorst
General member: Peter Roewen
General member: Brent Maarsingh
On behalf of the board:
Marjolein Stam