Club of 50

The Club of 50 exists of AMOR members, ex-members and other contributors who are involved with GSBC AMOR. Members of the Club of 50 donate € 10,00 to GSBC AMOR for a season. With this money GSBC AMOR can buy new training materials, promote the club and organize an activity for it's members.

When you want to be a member of the Club of 50 you can download the flyer here. You can hand the flyer in at one of the board members or mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current members of the Club of 50:

  • Paul de Kuyper en Leonie Koekoek
  • Wouter van den Hoogen
  • Frits van Buuren
  • Kesar Tjalsma
  • Koos Meisner
  • Annemiek Wolting
  • Loïc de Leeuw
  • Jai Wei
Club of 50