GSBC AMOR just fell short in first game of the champions league play offs

The first team of GSBC AMOR lost the first of two play offs games with 2-5 form BV van Zijderveld. The only chance left for AMOR to get in the champions league is to win the match in Amstelveen and then also win the following Golden Game deciding whom will be promoted.

The day began promising for the students. In a crowed and noisy Struikhal and after playing the doubles the score was still all tied up. While the girls were not able to get the initiative due to the very aggressive nature of their opponents playing style, were the very experienced gentleman able to top their opponents.

Also during the singles it was starting off as a close call. Marianka Wajer had a difficult match and sadly no way of winning. But Brent Maarsingh made a spectacular come back in the first game, which he won, followed by a loss in the second due to a lack of patients. Lucky for AMOR and himself he kept his cool in the third game and was able to defeat his opponent which resulted in a still tied score.

Meike Brul had a tough time against the winner of this year’s AMOR Master tournament, Ieva Pope. In the first game she had trouble finding the edges of the court. However the second game she stood up straight and was a way better match for her opponent. Sadly enough she had to admit that her Latvian opponent was just too much. Remko Bakker found himself in the exact same place as Meike did and also lost which made the pressure on the Mix increase since AMOR was now 2 points behind.

The second mix played by Rik Wilbers and Bianca Oosterhaven were destined to start first. They lost their first game with a mere 13-21. In the meantime the other mix played by Brent Maarsighn and Marianka Wajer also started. Halfway through both couples where ahead of their opponents yet only Brent and Marianka were able to win their game. This meant that the score now added up to 2-5 and thus all the chances of GSBC AMOR winning this match vanished. The mix by Brent and Marianka was therefore ceased and the final result of the first exiting duel between GSBC AMOR and BV van Zijderveld was 2-5.

Because the first duel ended in a loss for AMOR, the next duel needs to end in a win if they want to remain in the race for the champions league. If they manage to archive this a Golden Game will be played deciding whether or not they can play in the champions league next season. Yesterday’s game at least showed that the presumed big difference between BV van Zijdervled and AMOR is not that big after all.

HD Remko Bakker / Rik Wilbers v.s. Thomas Sibbald / Norbert van Barneveld 21-15 18-21 21-18

DD  Bianca Oosterhaven / Meike Brul v.s. Ieva Pope / Manouk Los 17-21 14-21

HE1 Remko Bakker v.s.Thomas Sibbald 8-21 18-21

DE1 Meike Brul v.s. Ieva Pope 10-21 17-21

HE2 Brent Maarsingh v.s. Elwin Wu 24-22 12-21 21-15

DE2 Marianka Wajer v.s. Mariëlle van der Woerdt 13-21 15-21

GD1 Brent Maarsingh / Marianka Wajer v.s. Elwin Wu / Manouk Los 21-18 ceased

GD2 Rik Wilbers / Bianca Oosterhaven v.s. Norbert van Barneveld / Linda Chen 13-21 21-23

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