Becoming a member

Are you a student at the University of Groningen or the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and you want to play badminton or you just want to try it out to see if this great sport is something for you? Then AMOR is the place to be! Also if you already have experience with badminton AMOR of course has something to offer you.
At AMOR you can play at both a recreational and a competitive level, depending on what you want. Besides training, which are explained in more detail below, AMOR offers the opportunity to play competitively on regional of national level. Besides, AMOR of course organises many social events that are fun to join and to get to know your fellow AMORians better. We organise, among others,  a monthly “borrel”, some dinners throughout the year, and a yearly weekend-camp. Besides these activities and events, the committees within AMOR organise many other activities and events.
At AMOR you have the opportunity to train once or twice a week, depending on how often you want to play badminton. At Tuesday we train in six different training-groups from 18:30-23:00 in the Struikhal. Because we have six different training-groups, with differing levels of play, there will always be a group that matches your level of play.
If you feel like you want to try out our trainings, see if you like it, and experience the atmosphere within the club, you are more then welcome to drop by the Struikhal at the ACLO at 20:00 on a Tuesday-evening to join the training from 20:00-21:30. If it turns out that the level of that group does not really match you level of play, we can discuss afterwards if it would be better for you to join a different group.
You can always try out our training three times for free without committing yourself to anything to see if you like it; after that you can decide whether or not to join our club. If you don’t have a racket that’s no problem at all, we have plenty of rackets from which you can use one, and we will provide shuttles and all other material as well.

Membership fee

In the season 2018-2019 the membershipfees per season are the following amounts:

Competition with feather shuttles on national level € 196,00
Competition with feather shuttles on regional level € 175,00
Recreational players with feather shuttles € 133,00
Competition with nylon shuttles € 126,00
Recreational players with nylon shuttles € 70,00
Half-year members with feather shuttles € 75,60
Half-year members with nylon shuttles € 42,00

Please mind that you can only become a member of AMOR when you also have a valid ACLO-Card  . You can become a member of the ACLO by subscribing at the front desk of the sports center or by subscribing through their website

To summarize the steps to take when you want to become an AMOR member:
·    Join us on a Tuesday evening in the Struikhal and train up to three times without committing.
·    Make sure you have a valid ACLO sports card.
·    Fill out the application form and hand that over to one of our board members.
·    Congratulations, you’re now a member of AMOR!

To receive an application form, please approach a board-member during training, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in a online form here.

See you soon in the Struikhal!