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Board 2017 - 201805 Jun 2017 19:54 - Igor Damming

The board for next season is formed!
Chairman: Sharmaine Linker
Tresurer: Gert van Dam
Secretary: Marianka Wajer
Technical affairs: Tim van Haeringen
External affairs: Igor Damming
The (new) board members introduce themselfs:
-------- Hi! My name is Sharmaine Linker, I am 21 years old and I am studying Technology & Operations Management. In t [ ... ]

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Aftermovie Schierkamp!!03 May 2017 12:33 - Igor Damming

The aftermovie from "Schierkamp" is finished! Watch it and let yourself go back to the great weekend and relive all the wonderful memories. Link to the video

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Photo's 51st AMOR Master Tournement14 Mar 2017 11:25 - Igor Damming

Here they are at last! It took some time since we needed to go through about 1000 photo's but we were able to make a great selection. Here are the photo's form the 51st AMOR Master tournement!  


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GSBC AMOR just fell short in first game of the cha...13 Mar 2017 15:59 - Igor Damming

The first team of GSBC AMOR lost the first of two play offs games with 2-5 form BV van Zijderveld. The only chance left for AMOR to get in the champions league is to win the match in Amstelveen and then also win the following Golden Game deciding whom will be promoted.

The day began promising for the students. In a crowed and noisy Struikhal and a [ ... ]

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Competition results 1 & 2 October04 Oct 2016 13:49 - bestuur

Last weekend many fanatic matches have been played. Below you can find the results:   GSBC AMOR 1 - BC Smashing 1: 4-4 GSBC AMOR 2 - BC Duinwijck 3: 1-7 GSBC AMOR 3 - BC IJsselstad 1: 3-5 GSBC AMOR 4 - SV Meteoor 2: 3-5 GSBC AMOR 5 - BC Bahasa 3: 1-7 GSBC AMOR 6 - HBC De Wadden 1: 0-8   Some photos of the home matches can be found at our [ ... ]

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ACLO card17 Sep 2016 19:54 - bestuur

As you might know you have to be a member of the ACLO to be eligible to be a member from AMOR. The ACLO-Card for the season 2016-2017 can already be purchasde, so make sure that you do this as soon as possible! From now onwards there will already be checks at the entrance of the ACLO-Sportscentre to check whether you have this card and thus are eli [ ... ]

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Card control17 Sep 2016 19:53 - bestuur

The ACLO is looking for some people who want to check the athletes to be in possession of an ACLO-Card. This is mainly in the afternoon and in the evening and it is desirable that you are available at least 2 times a week. Duration may vary between 1 and 8 hours per shift and you will receive € 6, - per hour. If you are interested you can send an [ ... ]

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